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It’s not easy being green

Some of you may remember Kermit the Frog singing the 1970s song by Joe Raposo, “Bein’ green”. In this song, Kermit laments the fact that green is such a boring color because he blends in with leaves, so no one notices him. Interestingly, an article published today in the New York Times (Green, but Still Feeling Guilty) revives this concern, but in a different context. In fact, the article shows that indeed, it really isn’t easy to be green, especially by the modern-day definition of green.

Each of the wonderful vignettes in this article profiles an individual with a particular connection to the Green Revolution: authors, architects, a random dude who lives in a geodesic dome… yet each of these people are doing something or embracing something in their daily lives that is distinctly not green. [Just a note: the guy in the geodesic dome is practically a saint for what extremes he has gone to to be green.]

So this brings up an interesting conundrum: is it impossible, with all the technology we depend on now for anyone to be fully green? Or, approaching it from a different direction, can being green be a bit like a weight-loss program? Is there a point when we can say that we are being “green enough” so that we can have that little slice of non-green pie to keep the motivation — and our creature comforts — up?

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