A Bit About Me

Tonia Hsieh is an assistant professor in the Department of Biology at Temple University. Her research combines biomechanics with ecology and evolution to understand how animals move through complex environments. Her interest in biomimetics and biological design began nearly 10 years ago while an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley working in Bob Full’s laboratory. Since then, she served as a biomechanics consultant in an industrial design course at the Rhode Island School of Design, in association with Khipra Nichols, where she was first exposed to the processes of actual product design and prototyping.

This blog serves the dual purposes of serving as a means for communication with students enrolled in her a Biomimetics and Bioinspiration graduate seminar at Temple University, as well as a medium appropriate for her to release her periodic rants and thoughts about design — especially design that can be influenced by biology… or that can impact biological thought.

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